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Meet the face
behind the site.

Hi. I'm Lindsey.

Born and raised here in Eugene, I have lived here my whole life. Yep. I've never lived anywhere else. This town has provided me a home, a family and at one point an amazing career. 

Eugene On the Cheap started out as a creative outlet for me. I love to write & design and found a way to merge the two. The original blog subject matter came easily with all the creativity we have here. Then the event calendar was born just to keep up with all the local activities.  

Overtime, this site has shrunk, been every color I was obsessed with and struggled to find it's true purpose. Now Eugene On the Cheap has become a place for community. To share, give, ask for help and come as you are. 

Hope you enjoy the site. Thanks for being here. 


This is Dany.  She is the head of the complaint department and is easily bribed with treats. 

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