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Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels is more than just a meal! Friendly volunteers deliver a nourishing, freshly prepared noontime meal that is nutritionally balanced to provide one-third of a senior’s recommended daily nutrients. Volunteers have time for a brief chat and a safety check. Seniors who live alone feel more secure knowing that someone is checking on them regularly.

Request Meals on Wheels in the Eugene area: (541) 607-5065

Outside Eugene: (541) 682-3353, 800-441-4038, or TTY (541) 682-4567

The Lane Senior Guide

The Lane Senior Services Directory is a community service aimed at making it easy for area seniors, family members and others to find providers of necessary services. This comprehensive guide includes listings for health-care providers, residential and assisted-living communities, community and government services, treatment centers and other businesses and organizations that serve the local senior population.

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